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Flange Bolts, Special Bolts, Knurled Bolts

Bolt Maker

For high-quality bolts, Brunner is your source for a wide range of sizes. Our high speed bolt makers are capable of heading, pointing and rolling parts complete in speeds up to 300 parts per minute to satisfy our OEM customers’ high volume needs at very competitive pricing.

Size Range

  • Diameter up to 1 1/8 or M30
  • Lengths up to 10" or 254mm

Types of Bolts

  • Hex head bolts
  • Hex flange bolts
  • Shoulder bolts
  • T-Head Bolts
  • Curved head bolts
  • Eye bolts
  • Step bolts
  • Wheel bolts
  • Lug bolts
  • J-Bolts
  • Square Head Bolts


click here to watch video of bolt maker


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